Centennial High School Softball Field

Villarruel Architects, Inc. was selected to design a new Softball Field at Centennial High School in the City of Compton, CA

Centennial High School Softball FieldCentennial High School Softball Field
Centennial High School Softball Field Centennial High School Softball Field
With Centennial High School's need for a new and up-to-date Girl's Varsity Softball field, the Compton Unified School District selected Villarruel Architects, Inc. to design and detail a new Softball Field to meet California High School Sporting Regulations. The new site for the proposed Softball diamond consisted of an existing grouping of outdoor asphalt basketball courts that needed to be relocated. The relocation of these basketball courts was a part of the design provided by Villarruel Architects, Inc. The new Softball diamond consisted of an all dirt infield, a newly soded outfield, home team and visiting team chain-link enclosed dugouts, a chain-link back-stop, a chain-link home-run fence and foul line perimeter, and left and right field foul poles. Also included were (2) 5-row aluminum bleachers and paving surface tying into the existing surrounding infrastructure. The girl's softball teams of Centennial High School in Compton, CA. now have a new regulation sized Softball diamond that they are proud to call home.
Compton Unified School District

Date: 2007

Size: 112,635 sf

Cost: $345,000

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