Ocean View Kitchen

A new Kitchen, Serving Area, Washroom and Site Improvements at Ocean View Junior High School in the City of Oxnard, CA

Ocean View KitchenOcean View Kitchen
Ocean View Kitchen Ocean View Kitchen
This project called for the creative re-use of existing space towards the development of a new food preparation zone and support areas. Villarruel Architects, Inc. was called upon to provide plans and details for the construction of a new buffet style serving area which was previously being used as a serving window type service. The new health department approved kitchen area received brand new equipment and a custom ventilation hood as well as various other miscellaneous site improvements. The services rendered by Villarruel Architects, Inc. have given the faculty a new modernized and up-to-date kitchen while efficiently tapping into the existing infrastructure of Ocean View Junior High School in Oxnard, CA.
Ocean View School District

Date: 2006

Size: 1,750 sq ft

Cost: $500,000

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