Moorpark College

Physical Education Building Relocation and Site Improvements in the City of Moorpark, CA

Moorpark College Moorpark College
Moorpark College Moorpark College

This project called for the relocation of a 40' x 60' MSI portable building. Villarruel Architects, Inc. was called upon to provide plans and details for the construction of a new permanent foundation to accept the relocation of the existing portable building. The new site location for the portable building was a very raw section of the campus and thus required the design of many new support elements such as stairs, a ramp, landscape, irrigation, 10-car parking area along with a few other miscellaneous site improvements. The services rendered by Villarruel Architects, Inc. have given a new home to the Physical Education building while efficiently tapping into the existing infrastructure of Moorpark College in Moorpark, CA.

Moorpark College

Date: 2006

Size: 23,460 sq ft

Cost: $533,000

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